Do you have plans to take profile management to the next level? Or is it time for a REScue?

You’ve done the right thing. You’ve embraced user environment management (UEM) technology into your infrastructure, so your users enjoy seamless productivity while you focus on empowering them with digital workspaces that unlock incredible productivity.

But the vendor landscape is changing – especially with the series of acquisitions that have taken place with LANDesk and, more recently, HEAT Software. So how can you be assured that you can build on what you have today, and execute the next phase of your people-centric digital workspace vision?

Trade up to RES to leverage your UEM investment into an advanced digital workspace solution that provides automation and policy-driven self service, further liberating your workers from the barriers in their path to workspace productivity. With RES, you’ll experience:

1. Adaptive security and compliance to protect your infrastructure and the business
2. Streamlined endpoint management with automated workspace configurations, personalized for each worker
3. Proactive provisioning and de-provisioning of access and services when user roles change
4. And much more.

Take UEM to a new level and transition your UEM investment to RES. To make it as easy as possible, we can provide you with the special offer and resources you need to ensure a smooth and painless transition. Take the REScue. Fill out the form to ask about our special offers today.

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