How do you secure the digital workforce?
Automate provisioning of their digital workspaces

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Securing the Digital Workforce 


Today’s employees are far less dependent on the physical workspace as they are on the new digital workspace — which is comprised, not of chairs and desks, but of shared data and content, enterprise apps and the full range of IT services. But this digital transformation of the work environment makes IT security more challenging than ever. Learn why provisioning automation is essential to making security effective in the ever-evolving digital workspace. Start laying out a strategy blueprint that:
>> Defines the most common obstacles to provisioning automation
>> Details the objectives of automation
>> Prescribes the essential ingredients for an effective automated solution
>> Describes the ultimate business benefits of automated provisioning
Offered as a free download to both IT and business managers, this valuable guide will help you look at IT provisioning and security in a whole new light.