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On-demand Webinar: 

Achieve Faster Time to Value AND Improved Onboarding in a Highly-Regulated Industry
Hear from Woodforest National Bank on how they accomplished this with RES

WoodForest Webinar Speakers.pngBanking is fiercely competitive. On one hand, banks need agility and flawless service to build customer preference and loyalty. On the other, they are shackled by some of the most stringent regulatory challenges of any industry. So how do IT professionals in any highly-regulated industry satisfy these twin pressures, while providing the predictable and well-managed user experience that’s essential to the digital workspace?

View this on-demand webinar and hear how Woodforest National Bank is delivering an enhanced IT experience for the end-user through centralized automation and self-service all while satisfying regulatory requirements.

Marcus Lohr,  IT Infrastructure VP at Woodforest, will discuss how with RES they have achieved:

   Faster & Improved On/Offboarding. Reduced onboarding time from 3-5 days to 20 minutes.
   Improved Security. Managers can easily remove user’s access to services as well as provide temporary teller access to services for a specified period of time.
   Faster Time to Value. Implemented RES in just 8 weeks vs. 9 months with former IAM solution
   Streamlined Operations. Branch Managers can easily manage employees associated with their branches via the RES ONE Identity Director.

About Woodforest National Bank:

Woodforest National Bank is a leading retail bank, founded in 1980 with its first branch in Houston, Texas. Today they serve consumers and businesses from more than 750 branches in 17 states across the U.S. Branch locations in various Wal-Marts, Sam’s Club and Krogers. They deliver “relationship banking” to its customers – “Banking your way... EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!”

About RES:
RES, creates, automates and secures digital workspaces. RES takes a people-centric approach to making technology access secure, even in complex multi-device/multi-location scenarios across their physical, virtual and cloud environments. RES boasts numerous patented technologies, fast time to value, and superior customer support for more than 2,500 companies around the world.

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