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Financial services organizations must deliver IT services with high agility, low cost, better efficiency and compliance with industry regulations. And their workers' requirements in this digital age are increasing the demand for more mobile solutions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. IT must carefully balance demands for a flexible and unrestricted worker experience while ensuring security and compliance in an age of cyber security threats.

The future of ransomware alone is challenging. Intel’s McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions report believes that the number the at-risk users, connections and devices – including wearable devices – will increase to be in the billions over the next five years. It is expected to be a record year for ransomware attacks.

That’s why you need to manage tomorrow’s ransomware threats today. 

Listen to our customer BEC – who support 25 percent of Denmark’s financial institutions – who share how they are preparing for the next generation of end user security. Alternatively read our BEC case study.

Delivering a secure end-user platform
By René Luckow, IT Solution Architect, BEC.
BEC support 25% of all the Danish financial institutions, making them a driving force in how technology is shaping the banking industry. René will share the challenges BEC faced on their journey to secure themselves against internal and external threats. He covers the first steps they took to protect themselves and plans for their journey towards better end user security. 

Securing the Digital Workspace
By: Eddie van Ravesteijn, Director Sales Enablement, Ivanti.
Will tell us about the latest within Ransomware, impact of attacks, what happens when you are attacked? What is the greatest threats to your organization? How RES is now Ivanti secures the user?